How to decorate a small bedroom to make it look bigger! Interior Designer, Exeter, Devon

#7 Top Tips To Help You On Your Way! 

#1 Measure

Take measurements of your floor, making notes of windows, radiators, doors, etc.  Measure the height of your walls – more about this later.

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#2 Colour – Paint

  • Think light reflective colours and keep them a warm hue, use a lighter colour for the woodwork in eggshell. This will protect your woodwork and has a slight sheen but isn’t super shiny and overbearing.

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#3 Wallpaper/Panelling/Canvas 

  • Use a decorative wallpaper to create a canvas or wallpaper panels that go behind the bed. This will create an impact and depth without soaking up too much light. Leave a gap above the canvas or paneling to create the feeling of height.

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#4 Floating Shelves 

  • Use floating shelves to create the illusion of more floor space, this is where the measurements you took of the wall height will help.  Think either horizontal or vertical when creating places to display accessories sticking to one.  Keep them light in colour or if you go for wood try using a light oak or ash. Corner floating shelves work well in a small bedroom. Go for good quality floating shelves you want the invisible brackets to be well made so they don’t bow and can take the weight.

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#5 Low-Level Furniture 

  • A low-level bed with low headboard is ideal for a small bedroom. A bed with storage is a must if you struggle to pull out the drawers due to space look at an ottoman storage bed.  If you would like to have bedside tables you can look for small, slim ones. When choosing lamps make sure your base is small and the lamps are compact. If your room won’t allow much more than the bed think about using a floating shelf/drawer unit, a small circular groove cut from the back and you can fit a lamp on top.
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    Low-level bed
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    Ottoman storage bed
    Blog Post May 2018 g
    Floating unit with drawer

    #6 Curtains & Window Treatments 

  • To make the room feel more spacious use simple window treatments. Shutters are a great option. If you would prefer the window to be more dressed use a simple lightweight fabric team with a blackout roller blind to keep the light out when needed. Raise the pole up high to create the feeling of space. Don’t let the fabric pool at the bottom you want to highlight as much floor space as possible.

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#7 Mirrors & Artwork 

  • Mirrors are great for a small bedroom they reflect light and create the feeling of space.  Use as large a mirror as you can on one of the walls. Decorative mirrors add light and visual interest to a small room.

Blog Post May 2018 OBlog Post may 2018 N


  • Artwork – I would suggest using a large piece of artwork above the bed.  This creates a beautiful focal point feature. Keep it simple this is the key to making a small bedroom feel much larger. Use your measurements you have taken of the wall height and width. Allow space either side of both the mirror and artwork.


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How To Decorate Your Home For Autumn? Devon Interior Designer

Simple, Effective Ideas 

It gets to that time of year where the seasons have changed and you feel like changing/updating your home decor.  Gone are the days of having a glass of wine outside and the summery accents.  It is time to think about giving your interior a lift!

Helping to lift your mood too!  Nothing beats after a long day lying on your sofa with a comfortable throw and soft cushion.

Looking at the uplifting accents around the room that make you feel warm inside!

Christmas arrives we get decorating and start organising all of the decorations we have been collecting over the years!  Like a whole project in itself!  Lights and decorations come out and it is serious stuff!  Carefully placing your eye-catching pieces around the home and the tree, well, that is whole other level!  Little own, the table and the table settings that transform your table!

The same can be achieved when the weather turns autumnal!  You can buy accessories you can bring out at this time of year and start playing about with the scheme in your home. From rugs, sofas, curtains, bedding, and accessories!  You can add as much or as little as you would like!

If you see something that catches your eye during the year start a collection!  A blanket box with some cushions on top is a great storage area for items like these!  It doesn’t have to be “Oh no, seriously?  We have to get them out of the loft!”


On trend:

Emerald green with blush pinks looks gorgeous at this time of year for a lift.

Emerald & Blush Pinks 

Earthy & Uplifting Tones 

Fern, olive, eggshell, burnt orange, rustic red, and midnight blue for a deep moody feel.  You can look at different colours to see what accents would be good to use.  If you don’t feel sure what to go for try patterns and textures in a similar tone.  Try using a tone deeper, richer than the existing colour scheme in place.  These will still stand out!


Easy Ways To Introduce These Colours 

Think pattern, texture, and form.  Use layers of colour using rugs, cushions, and throws. Luxury, soft throws that can be draped over the sofa or armchair ready to cosy up with when it starts to feel colder outside!  They add character to your sofa or chair too or can be used in a block colour as an accent.

Blog Post October 2017 Cushions Patterns

Blog Post October 2017 Harris Tweed notonthehighstreet

Harris Tweed Cushion


Blog Post October 2017 Jasmine Silk

Jasmine Silk Throw – In Nude

Blog Post October 2017 Blue Pure Wool Reversible Throw

Luxury Reversible Pure Throw

Blog Post October 2017 Cashmere Herringbone Throw

Herringbone Cashmere Throw

Rugs & Accessories

You can add a small rug or go large if you have the space to store and switch them over.  Use a plain deep blue, teal or a modern pattern rug for a more contemporary feel but uplifting in these cooler months.

Blog Post October 2017 Rug Cox & Cox

Graduated Teal Rug


Large Pattern Rug October 2017 Blog Post West Elm 1


Monochrome Scheme

Layer a soft white scheme using darker shades of grey continuing with dark slate for a look that stands out.  Try using cushions and rugs with prints to add visual interest.  Quirky displays of artwork and greenery for example eucalyptus in a vase looks really effective.


Think, ceramic vases, copper, and two-tone will add a tactile and visually interesting feel to your home.  This is a really inexpensive way of giving your interior a splash of colour or adding shine to a dull day!  You can be as subtle as you feel or as bold or go home!  Mix and match will give your scheme a great feel!

October 2017 Blog Post 2 tone vase

Two Tone Vase

October 2017 October Blog Post Geo Vases

Geo Vases

October 2017 Blog Post 2017 Copper Habitat Vase

Copper Vase

October 2017 Kiata Vase Ceramic & Copper

Kiata Vase – Orange & Grey

October 2017 Blog Post Cobble Vase

Textured Ceramic Blue Cobble Vase

Have fun and enjoy adding different cushions, throws, rugs, vases, candles, pieces of art, and playing about with them where you feel they look right!  Remember if it feels right and you are happy then you are on the right track!  Enjoy your home and the new season!

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How to pick the right sofa?

Years ago, you would walk around a sofa store and try out the sofas that you are drawn to, sit on it to see if it is comfortable, look at the colour and pattern and order your preferred sofa and wait about six weeks for delivery.

I have worked with clients who, one of the first things I need to do is look for a new sofa even though the existing one is only a year old! Why? Well, the sofa did not look that big in that giant store! Said sofa arrives and is huge and does not work in the front room/ lounge!

Or the bright lighting made it look a different shade and when it arrived it did not work with the colour scheme. Pained to redecorate the sofa can go!

These might seem like obvious things, you would be amazed at how may people forget to take measurements of where the sofa will need to placed. This can lead to costly mistakes and disappointment.

Now there are sofa stores online, large department stores, bespoke options the list goes on….

Here are my top tips to put on your checklist when purchasing a new sofa:

1) Make sure you have taken measurements, width and depth

2) Allow for doors that open into living room

3) Order swatches of the fabric

4) Look at different options and styles

5) Don't be afraid to step out of your comfort zone of what you are used to

6) Colour is important – do you want the sofa to make a statement?

7) Pattern and texture of fabric give these careful thought

8) If you are buying online make sure to check out the specifications

9) Durability – easy clean and scotch guard to save your fabric from stains

10) If you can try drawing a scale plan to see how the sofas will work out:

Interior Designer, Exeter, Devon

I strongly believe that when you love your job it does not feel like work! I go above and beyond to make sure each client has a positive experience. My role goes beyond spatial planning, building regulations, building work, furniture selections, and accessories.

Each and every client is different and I appreciate that I am trusted to be a part of something extremely personal – my clients’ homes and personal space.

My job is to fix a problem, whether that is to help with colour selections, spatial planning, how to redesign a kitchen, bathroom or build an extension.

These are the projects you would expect a designer to be involved, however, I am providing a solution to a problem that my client needs help with.

This could be let’s say, a client who has decorated before and has not found the right paint colour and instead of going out and buying lots of sample paints still not to find the right one, would like me to put forward suggestions that will work for them. This saves the client time going back and forth to the paint shop and buying those little tester pots to find they aren’t happy with any of the samples and frustration kicks in. I come in and save time and frustration!

Or I have a client who has extended their family and the kitchen isn’t working for them now they have two extra little ones and their two older children. They need the kitchen to work for all of them, a place where Mum and Dad can talk to their children whilst cooking, a place to do homework whilst having a drink and a bite to eat after school. An area to feed the younger babies and keep an eye on them whilst cooking.

Entertaining guests, so the kitchen needs to not only be suitable for a family with children of different ages it needs to be multi functional for family life and entertaining family and friends.

The project becomes much more than a new kitchen the design needs to address many different issues.

This is where hiring an interior designer saves you time, money and sometimes your sanity! Making hiring an interior designer a valuable part of your project!

Mixing Up Pattern & Colours


Mixing different patterns and textures is a great way to create an eclectic feel to your room.

When making decisions on furniture have a think about using a fabric that is rich in colour and try different patterned cushions.

Some of the best design projects I have worked on my client loves the idea of using rich colours that make a real impact.

If you don’t feel confident investing in a sofa for example that is in a rich bold colour – you could try using cushions that you wouldn’t normally go for and go for bold!

If you are questioning the heavy patterned wallpaper you love and think it might be too much?  Try a feature wall or you could create large pictures using the wallpaper of your dreams and frame in different sizes from large, medium to small to make an impact!  Try using interesting and unusual frames for impact!

You can have some real fun and by doing things like this it will help build your confidence to go with what your gut originally told you to go for!

This is a concept design for a clients’ living room and it is a range of subtle and bold and mixing things up!

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How To Make My Room Feel Bigger?

How to make my room feel larger?

This is a common question I get from my clients’.  I often see on selling sites “Bargain Coffee Table & Dresser” – Brand new and asking usually about 80% of original price because the furniture is too big for the room!  Problem is that it is still classed as second hand!

This is where you always need to measure!  I have fallen short of this before too!  Many years ago whilst doing up my own home!  – A piece of furniture online can look so much smaller until you click on the specs and see that that cute armchair is actually huge!!!  When I measure up for clients’, I will use objects on the floor from cups to coasters to show how big a piece of furniture will be?  It can often surprise you either way. This is why it is so important to do such a simple thing.  Even worse is when you’re out and the showroom is huge and the furniture looks small in proportion!  This is when you need pen and paper and make sure you have those measurements down for when you return home!

Buying large items to make your room look big is the worst thing you could do! Let alone the cost of having to sell after at second hand price!  

Making your room look larger?

Scale back and first and foremost, I always go on about this but De clutter!  Get rid of everything that has no sentimental value or purpose.  Strip the room back to bare if possible.  Even if you do one room at a time by removing the furniture into another room whilst you do your prep work.  Sign up for my free monthly newsletter on tips on how to decorate the right way and in the right order! Saving you time and money whilst getting your room to look like you have had the Decorater’s in! – Simply visit: – Fill in the quick form and you will receive decorating tips, style tips, advice on designing different rooms, binge or good buy!  Monthly freebies that you will make you love your home forever more! 

Is your room a very light room?  Or is it dark and has little light throughout the day?  Often we tend to think if we paint rooms very light/white the light will bounce off the walls and your room will look larger!  Not necessarily the case!  Colours that are rich and warm will work well in making a room look larger!

Rich colours can actually make your room look larger, warm, creamy yellow can bounce back light.  Rich deep colours can make a smaller room into a room that really says “I’m here!”  In some cases painting the ceiling the same colour can work really well as can painting the ceiling a deeper colour to the walls. 

Using paint to dress your ceilings

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Deep blues, burgendies, yellows, rich greys, oranges, salmon pink greens etc.  Don’t be put off by greens by thinking ‘Bright bold green’. Think warm greens, sage, duck egg blue that can sometimes be more blue or green. 

When going for neutral colours that are warm and rich think; Calico, beiges, titanium grey, french grey, almond, rice, victorian white, cotton white.

Warm and rich colours 

Warm, inviting neautral tones

 Keeping the furniture & soft furnishings a similar colour to the walls! 

Keeping some of the furniture the same colour or curtains can help a room feel larger believe it or not!  The radiator cover in the picture below is a perfect example of this!  You could do the same for lamp shades etc!  Accessories the list is endless but will have the desired outcome!  Another idea is to use nests of tables so they can be brought out if necessary but put back together under one table!  Great for small rooms!


When you can’t make room on the floor – Go up!  Think floating shelves – Built in shelves!

Make your way upwards in your room if it is very small and use shelves, corner shelves, built in shelving!  You can build upwards!  Making the use of the space you have utilising your walls!  Remember that if you are using your shelves for decorative accessories then go for ones in similar colours to the walls!  This will create an optical illusion. 



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How To Get Your Home Ready For Christmas? Christmas Decorations?

Panic!  Where has the year gone again?

How are we going to fit the in-laws in comfortably or your brother or Great Aunty Jean who checks every area for dust?  Don’t worry, there are plenty of ideas and top tips to help you cope with this Xmas phobia!  The feeling of dread looming at the lack of time left and the preparations ahead! 

Firstly and it’s the obvious one!  De-clutter!  Go through all of the rooms, children’s rooms if you have them and go through the drawers and remove clothing that doesn’t fit anymore or pyjama’s that look like ankle bashers!  Be brutal and have a good clear out! Get rid of the lotions etc that you still haven’t used from Great Aunt Jean’s visit last year! 

Simple changes to a room where guests will be sleeping?  Simply paint, update furniture that isn’t overly expensive.  A new rug can change a room significantly and update bedside lamps too!  New pendant light? 

By doing this you have made a quick update or simply in the picture on the right you have decluttered and added white chairs instead of cream.  Stained the table so it looks light and airy.  These are really reasonable ways of updating what you have already and utilizing it!

Clean bathrooms and make sure you have easy wipes to hand as there will be high traffic and you’ll find you need to keep on top of the cleanliness!


Storage Ideas

For the items you need to keep and want to out of the way and not look at?  Use trunks or blanket boxes.  The blanket boxes can have a few scatter cushions on them to make them a feature. 


You can use these in all of your rooms from your bedrooms to lounge and office!  They help store items you need but don’t really wish to display. From paperwork to toys!  The list is endless as to what you can use them for.  A coffee table is a great way to use one!  It does two jobs!  You can have your drinks on there and a couple of books or magazines whilst hiding all of that clutter. 

Guest Rooms – Unexpected Guests

They had no intention of staying but somehow its worked out you need to use the guest room or make one up.  Keep calm!  Make sure you have clean sets of spare bedding, duvets and pillows.  If you don’t have a guest room, invest in a blow up bed and pump so you can fit guests in to your home.  Invest in some reasonable duvets and pillows and you can’t go wrong! 


Christmas Decorations 

This is the fun part and if you’ve done the above and decluttered you should follow suit with the decorations!  Sometimes less is more!  You can decorate most of the house using really unusual pieces that add understated wow power! 

Simplistic, gorgeous decorations!  The green pearl cross, Birch light Trees and Star Jute Sack all from: 

I love these trees that come in bright or neautral colours that add a touch of fun!   All available from: 


The beautiful Eucalyptus and winterberry garland and the white silver birch available from: 

These are so stunning and understated.  Once you’ve had a good clear out of all of the rooms take a look at your Xmas decs and look to accessorise with them!  Have some fun with using decorations you may not have used before.  You can still keep your scheme traditional without it being garish.  Go shopping for decorations like you are shopping for accessories for your home and you won’t go too wrong!  

Above all – Enjoy planning!  Do it in stages so you don’t feel overwhelmed get a pad and write down what you want to achieve in each room and set about it in stages. 

Enjoy your Chrismas, guests and your home with new decs!  Plenty of good food and wine!  Have a wonderful time! 


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Why Hire An Interior Designer?

What can an interior designer do for me?


A good interior designer will bring a huge amount to the table from; where you need to start. Colours that work and why, furniture suggestions, spatial planning, soft furnishings, window treatments and accessories to name but a few!  Troublesome rooms, inspiration at a time you feel like throwing that interior magazine away that you thought would save the day!  When you feel overwhelmed with what is available and don’t know where to start little own finish!

Listen to your designer!

A good designer will always listen to you and your thoughts about what you wish to achieve.  At the same time it is really important that you listen to your designer when they explain why something will or won’t work!

I will always do my best to bring out of my client who says “I have no idea what I want but if you show me I will”.

Often most clients do have a good idea of what they like and dislike and by asking specific questions, I am able to get a clear idea from the client which way we need to proceed.

Sometimes a client will say “I know what I want but I can’t put it in to action” or sometimes my clients need confirmation that they are on the right path!

A good interior designer will show you how to put these ideas in to practice if you are looking for concept design only.  Or if you’re looking for a designer to run a full project design.  This is where your designer will get as much information from you as possible, measure all of the rooms that you wish to have designed.  They look at spatial planning, what will work and fit the space.  They will show you different finishes from  flooring to paint and soft furnishings.  They will come up with ideas for those tricky windows!

Interior designers are always trying to save their client’s time and money through not making costly mistakes.  They will set a timetable of work and order so nobody who isn’t meant to be there is on site.  They will make sure that the correct order of work is adhered to.  Liase with all of the contractors and will always either have a great team of tradesman or subcontractors that they work with.  They have a vast base of contacts that can make things happen where not thought possible!

Full Project Design

Your designer will work through all the stages of work with you.  If you are making changes that need to be completed at the beginning, for example any structural work to be done, knocking down walls, making the floors level, chasing electrical wires, changing sockets, adding new ones, switches, plastering etc.  Lighting is crucial to address at the beginning and should never be an after thought.  The layout for the lighting should be completed at the beginning of the design.  Then they will discuss the timeline with you for decorating, flooring, ordering goods, lighting, artwork & accessories.

All of the above take time and planning!  TV shows that give the impression the above work can be being carried out in a few days or a week are not realistic and all of the above takes time and planning. Using a designer to keep track of all of the above is a huge weight off of my client’s minds.  They are kept up to date without the stress of making sure which tradesman should be there and when. Items those are faulty and need to be returned and replaced.  I always allow a contingency budget for any project.  Unforeseen problems are dealt with quickly and this leads to the client enjoying the design process and their experience.

Finishing Touches

Once all of the above is implemented then the furniture items can be put in place, lighting and accessories to finish off the scheme. This is when the whole process comes together and you will see the scheme that you have dreamed of!  Sit back and enjoy your beautiful home!  This is what makes designers happy!  The tangible feeling that their client loves their new scheme/home.


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How To Design A Bathroom?

When designing your new bathroom it is very important to give a great deal of thought  to the type of bathroom you install as these rooms will have high usage.  They will withstand a huge amount of traffic and are looked upon to give us the get up and go in the morning we need as well as providing a place of relaxation!

There are a vast ranges of bathroom suites and products on the market.  We have mirrors that are designed to plug our phones into and play our favorite playlists with USB ports. You can watch TV if you should wish to?  It can feel overwhelming with the wide choice we have available to us!

william morris

This famous quote couldn’t be better applied when designing your bathroom!

We will all have different needs whether you are designing a family bathroom which, needs to be easy clean, durable.  An en-suite for a couple with twin sinks or you may like to incorporate a shower and a bath in your en-suite so when guests stay you can take that relaxing bath without visiting the main bathroom.









You may love the idea of a free standing bath but you can’t get it to work with the shower you know you need to make that quick start for work.  You might want a very deep twin sink unit but can’t fit this alongside the shower and toilet.  There are ways to get around these things.  Sometimes you may have to compromise and once you have a good idea of what you like you can start looking for products that are smaller, have less depth and you still get your twin sink!  You may have to have to have the free standing bath in the main bathroom and have a bath with a shower screen so you can escape in your en-suite.

When choosing a shower screen I would suggest you go for a clear or glass reflective screen.  This will make your bathroom feel bigger and if you are having to compromise down to space you will be very glad to maximize the larger feel to your bathroom.


The shower above has a glass reflective screen and you can see the impact this would have on making your bathroom or en-suite feel bigger.

Bathroom Accessories, Texture & Colour

Your bathroom should be a place of tranquility, you can use texture & form to create a wonderful visual interest whilst keeping it a relaxing environment.

You can use pattern and different types of tiles to achieve this. Tiles that have a wave running through them.  From a bathroom mirror to bathroom light fixtures these can provide unique and unusual lifts to your scheme.

Bathroom heating which, has come a long way can bring not only a practical but aesthetically can be a wonderful bathroom feature.

Think about what you don’t need and make a decision that it has no place in your bathroom!  Make sure you install heated towel rails in a place you can reach them after you get out of the bath or shower.  The shampoo and shower gel holder is in the best place to reach it.

Soft, warm and rich colours should be used to make your bathroom a place of relaxation.

Do you need to think about a rail for anyone using your new bathroom to hold on to?  There are a range of safety rails that look amazing and also cutting edge anti slip tiles for shower enclosures or wet rooms.

If you would like help or advice on creating the perfect bathroom get in touch through my website:

Also, a big thank you to Abode Bathrooms of Exmouth, Devon for all of the photos used in my blog.





How to decorate your toddlers room & not to redecorate in two years time?

What not to do!!!

This can be a tricky one as who wants to re- decorate when there is a new fad or craze?  If you go for that cute paper with little characters on them or wallpaper that is designed in your toddlers favourite TV show!  You know you’re going to be re-decorating in the next couple of years!  I say steer away from wallpapering your toddlers room in their latest craze because trust me there they will be another craze to follow!

Themed rooms look great and if you don’t mind redecorating after a couple of years then no problem.  These are fab rooms but remember I am talking here about not having to to do a complete room update! 

As lovely as these rooms are!  Your little one is going to grow out of them as quick as an adult grows out of that juice diet!  Or drinking shakes all day to lose weight!  In a couple of years they’ll be telling you “They are so over Spiderman or they have outgrown Barbie!”  Those years fly by I can tell you! 


Here are some fab ideas on how to decorate your toddlers bedroom which can include some of their favourite TV shows or characters that are not set to stay!!!

When choosing flooring think before you decide to go for solid wood !  The sound of little one’s running riot upstairs above your living room or kitchen diner may need some serious thought!  Spillages even though you have told them 100 times not to bring food or drink upstairs!  Maybe best to invest in a carpet that can withstand lots of traffic and is stain resistant!  I have used carpets that can be cleaned by bleach!  That are still very soft and luxurious!

Think soft pinks, pale lavender for girls.  Soft blues & warm greys that work perfectly for boys!  The pictures below are perfect for a little girl toddler where you can use pretty accessories like flowers and heart shaped cushions. Lamps that have Barbie or whatever they are into.  Bedding is a great way of doing this!  The same for boys rooms, use cushions, clocks, letters with their initials for both girls & boys are great.  Bunting too is a great way to add colour and brighten their bedrooms for toddlers.  Even when they go on to school these can be updated for a more grown up choice.  You can make your own prints to hang on the walls by getting your child to use the old fashioned technique of hand painting in contrasting bright colours and stenciling their initials as a fun and unique way of adding colour and a personal touch. 

These rooms are beautiful for a small child and will see them through those more grown up years! From 5 years onward and they have a clear idea of what they like!  You could accessorize these rooms with a Barbie cushion or Peppa Pig cushions!  Football cushions a clock or a light globe for boys.  There is a way around making these rooms more appropriate for your toddler!  Add a bedside lamp/pendant lampshade that has their favourite character!  Rugs, bedding & lighting.

As shown below!  Maps and globes are great for that in between stage of going from toddler to starting school!  You can have fun with them as well as teaching your child about the world.  Makes for a fun game before bed!  See how many places they can remember each night or talk about where you have visited or where after describing places they might like to visit? 


A simple picture!  You can add pictures of your toddlers favourite characters in the form of a super long canvas or decals that aren’t permanent!

The letters with your child’s name on are a great way to accessorize without having to decorate in  a few years time!  The images below for names or initials show you can go for a softer look but you can get bright,funky ones which add splashes of colour and can be made to look super cool!

Here are my top accessories to use!

How to use your accessories?

Use rugs as an easy way to appease your toddler and an item that can be easily changed and can be updated to something more grown up.  Using pirate bedding instead of pirate wallpaper will save you money down the line!  You may need a quick freshen up of paint but keep it simple adding accessories like this are a much cheaper option than going all out an creating a toddlers themed bedroom based on their favourite cartoon character!   Have fun, show your toddler a selection of accessories and ask which they like the most? Remember soft blues/ greys and pinks/pale lavender as a background so you want to add key pieces or accent colours.  Also, these accessories look great against neutral tones!  Less decorating down the line!  Can only be a good thing!  Scrubbing off the wallpaper they once loved so dearly a couple of years ago!  Not so much fun!!!

The next stage!

The pictures below for boys & girls rooms that are great as they get older and out of that toddler stage and start school.  Keeping the walls & background neutral during your child’s toddler years will enable you to update them quickly and at a reasonable cost. These are simplistic, beautiful schemes that aren’t too grown up and perfect for your little ones as they get older. 

wordpress boys mapwordpress super herosaug blog girl 13aug blog 14 girl room


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