Why sometimes things are not a good fit?

You can’t quite put your finger on it but you know it’s not right?

Read  on to hear my take on our natural instincts! 

The other day I had an experience that I couldn’t quite put in to words but I knew in my gut it wasn’t right, it wasn’t a good match!  I listened to my gut after all that is why we have one to tell us instinctively why to do something or not!

Yet so many times in life we have that gut wrenching feeling that this is perfect and you can’t explain why but it works perfectly!

Most of the time there is a perfectly logical reason as to why something doesn’t work or the glove doesn’t fit!

Here’s a great example of two things that don’t work in our homes one with a very logical reason why? And one that is my gut telling me I don’t like it, it doesn’t work for me!

Bad interiors 1

Hideous?  Not practical. dodgy colours and some serious naff artwork?  Going to need more than that little ladder to get to those books on the top shelf!  There are lots of reasons here why this is not a good fit!  You don’t need your gut for this one although someone out there thought it was a good fit!  Were they thinking that when trying to reach the book on the top shelf that was; 101 design mistakes not to make?  

Okay so this next design is my gut as I could look at this room and be interested by it and the use of mixtures of pattern and artwork but that would be it. My gut tells me a migraine would soon be on its way!  I wouldn’t relax in here!  In fact I would need to use a pillow to cover my eyes as  would feel overwhelmed!  This is my gut the other design as hideous as it was I based on logical principles!

bad interiors gut blog 2016

My point is that just as in life we have those moments where something doesn’t feel right this can be applied to our homes too.  After all design is subjective!  

Here is a design that I love and we would call it eclectic!  It’s not for everyone but my gut absolutely loves it!  It breaks so-called design rules and I love it!  Not for everyone and that’s my point!   If it feels right for you and you love it and your gut screams YES!  Then this is your design!

good blog 2016

Now from a logical point of view I love this design for the practical reasons that I would only need a simple book ladder to reach my books!  I love the simplicity of the design. The clever use of seating and the very subtle use of pattern and of artwork. Nothing would distract me from having a relaxing read here!  Very logical reasons as to why I love this design!


After my encounter the other day that required me to go with my gut there can be a right logically that for you is wrong!  Forget the logic if it doesn’t feel right then it very likely isn’t!  No matter how much you try and sugar coat it to yourself!  You’re not going to love it because you are told that you should for certain logical design reasons! 

On the flip side there maybe plenty of logical reasons why something shouldn’t work but it does!  If your gut is screaming at you do it then go for it as the likelihood it is going to work for you and after all it is your home, your sanctuary and if you love it, how can that be wrong? 





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