How to decorate your toddlers room & not to redecorate in two years time?

What not to do!!!

This can be a tricky one as who wants to re- decorate when there is a new fad or craze?  If you go for that cute paper with little characters on them or wallpaper that is designed in your toddlers favourite TV show!  You know you’re going to be re-decorating in the next couple of years!  I say steer away from wallpapering your toddlers room in their latest craze because trust me there they will be another craze to follow!

Themed rooms look great and if you don’t mind redecorating after a couple of years then no problem.  These are fab rooms but remember I am talking here about not having to to do a complete room update! 

As lovely as these rooms are!  Your little one is going to grow out of them as quick as an adult grows out of that juice diet!  Or drinking shakes all day to lose weight!  In a couple of years they’ll be telling you “They are so over Spiderman or they have outgrown Barbie!”  Those years fly by I can tell you! 


Here are some fab ideas on how to decorate your toddlers bedroom which can include some of their favourite TV shows or characters that are not set to stay!!!

When choosing flooring think before you decide to go for solid wood !  The sound of little one’s running riot upstairs above your living room or kitchen diner may need some serious thought!  Spillages even though you have told them 100 times not to bring food or drink upstairs!  Maybe best to invest in a carpet that can withstand lots of traffic and is stain resistant!  I have used carpets that can be cleaned by bleach!  That are still very soft and luxurious!

Think soft pinks, pale lavender for girls.  Soft blues & warm greys that work perfectly for boys!  The pictures below are perfect for a little girl toddler where you can use pretty accessories like flowers and heart shaped cushions. Lamps that have Barbie or whatever they are into.  Bedding is a great way of doing this!  The same for boys rooms, use cushions, clocks, letters with their initials for both girls & boys are great.  Bunting too is a great way to add colour and brighten their bedrooms for toddlers.  Even when they go on to school these can be updated for a more grown up choice.  You can make your own prints to hang on the walls by getting your child to use the old fashioned technique of hand painting in contrasting bright colours and stenciling their initials as a fun and unique way of adding colour and a personal touch. 

These rooms are beautiful for a small child and will see them through those more grown up years! From 5 years onward and they have a clear idea of what they like!  You could accessorize these rooms with a Barbie cushion or Peppa Pig cushions!  Football cushions a clock or a light globe for boys.  There is a way around making these rooms more appropriate for your toddler!  Add a bedside lamp/pendant lampshade that has their favourite character!  Rugs, bedding & lighting.

As shown below!  Maps and globes are great for that in between stage of going from toddler to starting school!  You can have fun with them as well as teaching your child about the world.  Makes for a fun game before bed!  See how many places they can remember each night or talk about where you have visited or where after describing places they might like to visit? 


A simple picture!  You can add pictures of your toddlers favourite characters in the form of a super long canvas or decals that aren’t permanent!

The letters with your child’s name on are a great way to accessorize without having to decorate in  a few years time!  The images below for names or initials show you can go for a softer look but you can get bright,funky ones which add splashes of colour and can be made to look super cool!

Here are my top accessories to use!

How to use your accessories?

Use rugs as an easy way to appease your toddler and an item that can be easily changed and can be updated to something more grown up.  Using pirate bedding instead of pirate wallpaper will save you money down the line!  You may need a quick freshen up of paint but keep it simple adding accessories like this are a much cheaper option than going all out an creating a toddlers themed bedroom based on their favourite cartoon character!   Have fun, show your toddler a selection of accessories and ask which they like the most? Remember soft blues/ greys and pinks/pale lavender as a background so you want to add key pieces or accent colours.  Also, these accessories look great against neutral tones!  Less decorating down the line!  Can only be a good thing!  Scrubbing off the wallpaper they once loved so dearly a couple of years ago!  Not so much fun!!!

The next stage!

The pictures below for boys & girls rooms that are great as they get older and out of that toddler stage and start school.  Keeping the walls & background neutral during your child’s toddler years will enable you to update them quickly and at a reasonable cost. These are simplistic, beautiful schemes that aren’t too grown up and perfect for your little ones as they get older. 

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