How To Design A Bathroom?

When designing your new bathroom it is very important to give a great deal of thought  to the type of bathroom you install as these rooms will have high usage.  They will withstand a huge amount of traffic and are looked upon to give us the get up and go in the morning we need as well as providing a place of relaxation!

There are a vast ranges of bathroom suites and products on the market.  We have mirrors that are designed to plug our phones into and play our favorite playlists with USB ports. You can watch TV if you should wish to?  It can feel overwhelming with the wide choice we have available to us!

william morris

This famous quote couldn’t be better applied when designing your bathroom!

We will all have different needs whether you are designing a family bathroom which, needs to be easy clean, durable.  An en-suite for a couple with twin sinks or you may like to incorporate a shower and a bath in your en-suite so when guests stay you can take that relaxing bath without visiting the main bathroom.









You may love the idea of a free standing bath but you can’t get it to work with the shower you know you need to make that quick start for work.  You might want a very deep twin sink unit but can’t fit this alongside the shower and toilet.  There are ways to get around these things.  Sometimes you may have to compromise and once you have a good idea of what you like you can start looking for products that are smaller, have less depth and you still get your twin sink!  You may have to have to have the free standing bath in the main bathroom and have a bath with a shower screen so you can escape in your en-suite.

When choosing a shower screen I would suggest you go for a clear or glass reflective screen.  This will make your bathroom feel bigger and if you are having to compromise down to space you will be very glad to maximize the larger feel to your bathroom.


The shower above has a glass reflective screen and you can see the impact this would have on making your bathroom or en-suite feel bigger.

Bathroom Accessories, Texture & Colour

Your bathroom should be a place of tranquility, you can use texture & form to create a wonderful visual interest whilst keeping it a relaxing environment.

You can use pattern and different types of tiles to achieve this. Tiles that have a wave running through them.  From a bathroom mirror to bathroom light fixtures these can provide unique and unusual lifts to your scheme.

Bathroom heating which, has come a long way can bring not only a practical but aesthetically can be a wonderful bathroom feature.

Think about what you don’t need and make a decision that it has no place in your bathroom!  Make sure you install heated towel rails in a place you can reach them after you get out of the bath or shower.  The shampoo and shower gel holder is in the best place to reach it.

Soft, warm and rich colours should be used to make your bathroom a place of relaxation.

Do you need to think about a rail for anyone using your new bathroom to hold on to?  There are a range of safety rails that look amazing and also cutting edge anti slip tiles for shower enclosures or wet rooms.

If you would like help or advice on creating the perfect bathroom get in touch through my website:

Also, a big thank you to Abode Bathrooms of Exmouth, Devon for all of the photos used in my blog.






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