How To Make My Room Feel Bigger?

How to make my room feel larger?

This is a common question I get from my clients’.  I often see on selling sites “Bargain Coffee Table & Dresser” – Brand new and asking usually about 80% of original price because the furniture is too big for the room!  Problem is that it is still classed as second hand!

This is where you always need to measure!  I have fallen short of this before too!  Many years ago whilst doing up my own home!  – A piece of furniture online can look so much smaller until you click on the specs and see that that cute armchair is actually huge!!!  When I measure up for clients’, I will use objects on the floor from cups to coasters to show how big a piece of furniture will be?  It can often surprise you either way. This is why it is so important to do such a simple thing.  Even worse is when you’re out and the showroom is huge and the furniture looks small in proportion!  This is when you need pen and paper and make sure you have those measurements down for when you return home!

Buying large items to make your room look big is the worst thing you could do! Let alone the cost of having to sell after at second hand price!  

Making your room look larger?

Scale back and first and foremost, I always go on about this but De clutter!  Get rid of everything that has no sentimental value or purpose.  Strip the room back to bare if possible.  Even if you do one room at a time by removing the furniture into another room whilst you do your prep work.  Sign up for my free monthly newsletter on tips on how to decorate the right way and in the right order! Saving you time and money whilst getting your room to look like you have had the Decorater’s in! – Simply visit: – Fill in the quick form and you will receive decorating tips, style tips, advice on designing different rooms, binge or good buy!  Monthly freebies that you will make you love your home forever more! 

Is your room a very light room?  Or is it dark and has little light throughout the day?  Often we tend to think if we paint rooms very light/white the light will bounce off the walls and your room will look larger!  Not necessarily the case!  Colours that are rich and warm will work well in making a room look larger!

Rich colours can actually make your room look larger, warm, creamy yellow can bounce back light.  Rich deep colours can make a smaller room into a room that really says “I’m here!”  In some cases painting the ceiling the same colour can work really well as can painting the ceiling a deeper colour to the walls. 

Using paint to dress your ceilings

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Deep blues, burgendies, yellows, rich greys, oranges, salmon pink greens etc.  Don’t be put off by greens by thinking ‘Bright bold green’. Think warm greens, sage, duck egg blue that can sometimes be more blue or green. 

When going for neutral colours that are warm and rich think; Calico, beiges, titanium grey, french grey, almond, rice, victorian white, cotton white.

Warm and rich colours 

Warm, inviting neautral tones

 Keeping the furniture & soft furnishings a similar colour to the walls! 

Keeping some of the furniture the same colour or curtains can help a room feel larger believe it or not!  The radiator cover in the picture below is a perfect example of this!  You could do the same for lamp shades etc!  Accessories the list is endless but will have the desired outcome!  Another idea is to use nests of tables so they can be brought out if necessary but put back together under one table!  Great for small rooms!


When you can’t make room on the floor – Go up!  Think floating shelves – Built in shelves!

Make your way upwards in your room if it is very small and use shelves, corner shelves, built in shelving!  You can build upwards!  Making the use of the space you have utilising your walls!  Remember that if you are using your shelves for decorative accessories then go for ones in similar colours to the walls!  This will create an optical illusion. 



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2 thoughts on “How To Make My Room Feel Bigger?”

  1. Great idea with the shelves! What many people don’t think of is that shelves can actually be fantastic decorative features, in fact, most functional pieces in your home can be, you just need some creativity (or expert advice) to get it going.

  2. Thank you Kate, I am glad you love the idea of shelving for decorative purposes as well as for storage. They are a great way of displaying features and you can get some fab floating shelves using glass, solid wood, special veneer finishes which are coming a long way! Plus you can can maximise the space you have in a room.

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