Interior Designer, Exeter, Devon

I strongly believe that when you love your job it does not feel like work! I go above and beyond to make sure each client has a positive experience. My role goes beyond spatial planning, building regulations, building work, furniture selections, and accessories.

Each and every client is different and I appreciate that I am trusted to be a part of something extremely personal – my clients’ homes and personal space.

My job is to fix a problem, whether that is to help with colour selections, spatial planning, how to redesign a kitchen, bathroom or build an extension.

These are the projects you would expect a designer to be involved, however, I am providing a solution to a problem that my client needs help with.

This could be let’s say, a client who has decorated before and has not found the right paint colour and instead of going out and buying lots of sample paints still not to find the right one, would like me to put forward suggestions that will work for them. This saves the client time going back and forth to the paint shop and buying those little tester pots to find they aren’t happy with any of the samples and frustration kicks in. I come in and save time and frustration!

Or I have a client who has extended their family and the kitchen isn’t working for them now they have two extra little ones and their two older children. They need the kitchen to work for all of them, a place where Mum and Dad can talk to their children whilst cooking, a place to do homework whilst having a drink and a bite to eat after school. An area to feed the younger babies and keep an eye on them whilst cooking.

Entertaining guests, so the kitchen needs to not only be suitable for a family with children of different ages it needs to be multi functional for family life and entertaining family and friends.

The project becomes much more than a new kitchen the design needs to address many different issues.

This is where hiring an interior designer saves you time, money and sometimes your sanity! Making hiring an interior designer a valuable part of your project!


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