How To Decorate Your Home For Autumn? Devon Interior Designer

Simple, Effective Ideas 

It gets to that time of year where the seasons have changed and you feel like changing/updating your home decor.  Gone are the days of having a glass of wine outside and the summery accents.  It is time to think about giving your interior a lift!

Helping to lift your mood too!  Nothing beats after a long day lying on your sofa with a comfortable throw and soft cushion.

Looking at the uplifting accents around the room that make you feel warm inside!

Christmas arrives we get decorating and start organising all of the decorations we have been collecting over the years!  Like a whole project in itself!  Lights and decorations come out and it is serious stuff!  Carefully placing your eye-catching pieces around the home and the tree, well, that is whole other level!  Little own, the table and the table settings that transform your table!

The same can be achieved when the weather turns autumnal!  You can buy accessories you can bring out at this time of year and start playing about with the scheme in your home. From rugs, sofas, curtains, bedding, and accessories!  You can add as much or as little as you would like!

If you see something that catches your eye during the year start a collection!  A blanket box with some cushions on top is a great storage area for items like these!  It doesn’t have to be “Oh no, seriously?  We have to get them out of the loft!”


On trend:

Emerald green with blush pinks looks gorgeous at this time of year for a lift.

Emerald & Blush Pinks 

Earthy & Uplifting Tones 

Fern, olive, eggshell, burnt orange, rustic red, and midnight blue for a deep moody feel.  You can look at different colours to see what accents would be good to use.  If you don’t feel sure what to go for try patterns and textures in a similar tone.  Try using a tone deeper, richer than the existing colour scheme in place.  These will still stand out!


Easy Ways To Introduce These Colours 

Think pattern, texture, and form.  Use layers of colour using rugs, cushions, and throws. Luxury, soft throws that can be draped over the sofa or armchair ready to cosy up with when it starts to feel colder outside!  They add character to your sofa or chair too or can be used in a block colour as an accent.

Blog Post October 2017 Cushions Patterns

Blog Post October 2017 Harris Tweed notonthehighstreet

Harris Tweed Cushion


Blog Post October 2017 Jasmine Silk

Jasmine Silk Throw – In Nude

Blog Post October 2017 Blue Pure Wool Reversible Throw

Luxury Reversible Pure Throw

Blog Post October 2017 Cashmere Herringbone Throw

Herringbone Cashmere Throw

Rugs & Accessories

You can add a small rug or go large if you have the space to store and switch them over.  Use a plain deep blue, teal or a modern pattern rug for a more contemporary feel but uplifting in these cooler months.

Blog Post October 2017 Rug Cox & Cox

Graduated Teal Rug


Large Pattern Rug October 2017 Blog Post West Elm 1


Monochrome Scheme

Layer a soft white scheme using darker shades of grey continuing with dark slate for a look that stands out.  Try using cushions and rugs with prints to add visual interest.  Quirky displays of artwork and greenery for example eucalyptus in a vase looks really effective.


Think, ceramic vases, copper, and two-tone will add a tactile and visually interesting feel to your home.  This is a really inexpensive way of giving your interior a splash of colour or adding shine to a dull day!  You can be as subtle as you feel or as bold or go home!  Mix and match will give your scheme a great feel!

October 2017 Blog Post 2 tone vase

Two Tone Vase

October 2017 October Blog Post Geo Vases

Geo Vases

October 2017 Blog Post 2017 Copper Habitat Vase

Copper Vase

October 2017 Kiata Vase Ceramic & Copper

Kiata Vase – Orange & Grey

October 2017 Blog Post Cobble Vase

Textured Ceramic Blue Cobble Vase

Have fun and enjoy adding different cushions, throws, rugs, vases, candles, pieces of art, and playing about with them where you feel they look right!  Remember if it feels right and you are happy then you are on the right track!  Enjoy your home and the new season!

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