How To Get Your Home Ready For Christmas? Christmas Decorations?

Panic!  Where has the year gone again?

How are we going to fit the in-laws in comfortably or your brother or Great Aunty Jean who checks every area for dust?  Don’t worry, there are plenty of ideas and top tips to help you cope with this Xmas phobia!  The feeling of dread looming at the lack of time left and the preparations ahead! 

Firstly and it’s the obvious one!  De-clutter!  Go through all of the rooms, children’s rooms if you have them and go through the drawers and remove clothing that doesn’t fit anymore or pyjama’s that look like ankle bashers!  Be brutal and have a good clear out! Get rid of the lotions etc that you still haven’t used from Great Aunt Jean’s visit last year! 

Simple changes to a room where guests will be sleeping?  Simply paint, update furniture that isn’t overly expensive.  A new rug can change a room significantly and update bedside lamps too!  New pendant light? 

By doing this you have made a quick update or simply in the picture on the right you have decluttered and added white chairs instead of cream.  Stained the table so it looks light and airy.  These are really reasonable ways of updating what you have already and utilizing it!

Clean bathrooms and make sure you have easy wipes to hand as there will be high traffic and you’ll find you need to keep on top of the cleanliness!


Storage Ideas

For the items you need to keep and want to out of the way and not look at?  Use trunks or blanket boxes.  The blanket boxes can have a few scatter cushions on them to make them a feature. 


You can use these in all of your rooms from your bedrooms to lounge and office!  They help store items you need but don’t really wish to display. From paperwork to toys!  The list is endless as to what you can use them for.  A coffee table is a great way to use one!  It does two jobs!  You can have your drinks on there and a couple of books or magazines whilst hiding all of that clutter. 

Guest Rooms – Unexpected Guests

They had no intention of staying but somehow its worked out you need to use the guest room or make one up.  Keep calm!  Make sure you have clean sets of spare bedding, duvets and pillows.  If you don’t have a guest room, invest in a blow up bed and pump so you can fit guests in to your home.  Invest in some reasonable duvets and pillows and you can’t go wrong! 


Christmas Decorations 

This is the fun part and if you’ve done the above and decluttered you should follow suit with the decorations!  Sometimes less is more!  You can decorate most of the house using really unusual pieces that add understated wow power! 

Simplistic, gorgeous decorations!  The green pearl cross, Birch light Trees and Star Jute Sack all from: 

I love these trees that come in bright or neautral colours that add a touch of fun!   All available from: 


The beautiful Eucalyptus and winterberry garland and the white silver birch available from: 

These are so stunning and understated.  Once you’ve had a good clear out of all of the rooms take a look at your Xmas decs and look to accessorise with them!  Have some fun with using decorations you may not have used before.  You can still keep your scheme traditional without it being garish.  Go shopping for decorations like you are shopping for accessories for your home and you won’t go too wrong!  

Above all – Enjoy planning!  Do it in stages so you don’t feel overwhelmed get a pad and write down what you want to achieve in each room and set about it in stages. 

Enjoy your Chrismas, guests and your home with new decs!  Plenty of good food and wine!  Have a wonderful time! 


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How To Pick The Best Grey Paints?

Grey doesn’t seem to be going anywhere fast!  In fact I can see us still in love with it for many years to come.

Picking the best grey all depends on where you want to use it?  I used a warm grey recently in a North facing room and painted the ceiling the same colour.

The picture here is of a beautiful large size room but we don’t all have these large rooms and I’d love you to try changing a small box room into something quite different!  I dare you to paint the ceiling in a warm light grey the same colour as the walls.

It will give that box room an impact!  Accessorise in reds or yellows or if you want to keep it subtle use layers of dark greys and whites.

grey image

Take a look at the clever use of colour using a dark grey & breaking it up with white!  fun grey

I love this small bathroom using grey with splashes of red!  Red and grey make a bold statement and work really well together in small spaces that you want to make an impact on but are not sure how?  Keep it simple and it makes a killer statement!

grey and red

When deciding on what shade of grey to go for and believe me there are 50!  Think about what you want from this room?  Bold a little daring or do you want to use soft, subtle shades?  Are you looking for a relaxing place or a bold or vibrant feel? As you can see here the dark grey against the red looks fab in a small room.  Can a large space take such a dark colour?  Yes if it is broken up properly, white will always work well in doing this.

One of my favourite ways of using greys is with mink and copper or rose gold! This is what I would call a relaxing trendy yet warm scheme. Rose gold is very big this season and you can see why!  Copper hasn’t disappeared and is still being used!  It works well with lots of shades of grey but maybe not 50!

wordpress grey

When you go to the paint shop where they love to use those fluorescent  bright lights!  Take your sample towards natural light.  Better still select a few of your favourites and paint large swatches on a thick card if you don’t wish to have a stripey wall before you decorate!  Look at the colour in natural and artificial light at night.

Team up the colours with some fabric swatches if you have them, if not maybe it’s time to order some in. Start building a collage together and you should be able to pick out from there what you feel will work the best for the scheme you are trying to achieve.

50 shades

There are more than fifty!  I can promise you!!!   Have fun!

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